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A Look at American Interpretations of Pizza

Born in Italy and reborn across America, pizza is a food that has seen a great variety of interpretations, particularly in distinct regions of the United States. Almost like an artist decorates a blank canvas, the pizza has been interpreted in all kinds of ways and with a plethora of ingredients, ranging from pepperoni and traditional Italian meats to spinach and even pineapple (the latter of which we offer no comment on). While American interpretations of pizza are unique in their own ways, it’s helpful to know the difference between them, which is why we’ll be taking a look at the most popular American interpretations of pizza in today’s blog.

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New York Pizza

The New York interpretation of pizza is perhaps the closest to its original Neapolitan form, as it’s built upon a thin crust. However, unlike Neapolitan pizza, New York pizza is usually topped only with tomato sauce and shredded mozzarella cheese. In addition to this, New York-style pizzas are traditionally cooked in a coal-fired oven. While we serve traditional Neapolitan-style pizza here at Rina’s, we also offer various thin-crust creations that are similar to New York-style pizza – have a look at our menu to see for yourself!

Chicago Pizza

Chicago pizza deviates even further from the original Neapolitan iteration by offering a much thicker and deeper crust, which has earned it the nickname of simply ‘deep dish pizza’. Chicago-style pizza is typically cooked in a pan, which helps provide its high crust, and is topped with cheese and then tomato sauce on top of it, the inverse of what is seen on traditional pizzas.

Detroit Pizza

Also prepared in a pan, Detroit pizza has a thick crust and is usually prepared in a rectangular shape. In most cases, like its Chicago counterpart, Detroit-style pizza is cooked with the sauce on top of the cheese. This food has surged in popularity in recent history, with many eateries across the United States now offering their interpretations of Detroit-style pizza.

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