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An Easy Fourth of July Menu by Adding Pizza

Celebrating the Fourth of July usually means packed tight pool parties or crowded fireworks displays or maybe even watching the Boston Pops, but this year’s festivities will be a socially distanced soirée. Thankfully, the best way to safely enjoy each other’s company for the Fourth of July is to spend time together outside. Think about your guest list and limit it to just a few friends and serve them the best flavors of summer with Pizza.

Hosting even a small gathering can benefit from a little bit of planning and preparation. Take care of small tasks in advance so that there’s more time to enjoy each other’s company by ordering from Rina’s North End. Instead of serving the basic burgers and dogs, pizza suggests seasonal alternatives that still scream summer. You can never say no to pizza.

Chicken Wings

Everyone will expect burgers and hot dogs to come off of the grill. Surprise them with sticky-finger buffalo chicken wings.  Chicken wings wet or plain are ubiquitous at summertime parties, and for good reason — they can be eaten with one hand so you can have a cold drink in the other and are satisfying to devour.The results are tender, juicy wings with a caramelized, crispy skin that everyone will love.

Caprese Salad

We wait all year for ripe, red tomatoes, and they’re finally here. Caprese salad is gorgeous, it smells like heaven. Milky mozzarella, fragrant fresh basil, a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil, a spoonful of balsamic glaze, and a shower of flaky sea salt to help draw out the sweet tomato juices.

Pasta Salad

The combination of mixed vegetables, cherry tomatoes, basil, olive oil, and fresh mozzarella is one of the greatest out there. This pasta salad is bright and fresh, with just the right amount of crunch, zing, and creaminess.

Margherita Pizza

This pizza is glorious and traditional! Every guest loves Margherita!  The ingredients offer tomato sauce, basil, parmesan, and fresh mozzarella. Sometimes the simplest ingredients, combined in the simplest of ways, have the power to stop time, erase your woes, and transport you to a place of nirvana-like bliss. Such is the power of the Margherita pizza.

Garlic Flatbread

Garlic flatbread is creative! A fun combination of rosemary, parmesan, and garlic. This flatbread, which can do double duty as an appetizer or as a full meal. Your vegetarian friends will thank you for remembering them and adding this to the menu!  Rosemary, parmesan, and garlic is a crowd-pleaser for all ages, no matter the mood or night.

Order Takeout From Rina’s 

We are here for you during this pandemic. Nothing feels better than comfort food. It’s been challenging to find a balance but you got this. Order yourself a slice of pie with us today to make the best of the fourth of July!

Rina’s offers a wide selection of appetizers, pizzas, pasta, paninis, and salads perfect for your 4th of July celebration this year. Reach out to Rina’s to discuss catering options. Our staff will help you create a custom menu that fits all of your dietary preferences. Give us a call at (617) 456-5700 or fill out the form here. 

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