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Boston’s Italian Food Festivals of 2024

The food scene in Boston is unmatched, especially for those interested in Italian fare. In the city’s historic North End, there is always a place within reach to grab an authentic slice of margherita pizza or end your day on a sweet note with gelato. Thankfully, a few times a year, you can get all your favorite Italian food items in one place. We’ll take a look at some of the upcoming food festivals in Boston so you can mark your calendar in anticipation.

St. Anthony’s Feast

This feast takes place annually at the end of August in Boston. Here, you can celebrate the patron saint St. Anthony and devour a wide variety of delicious items in his honor. An event widely known as the “feast of all feasts”, St. Anthony’s Feast is a four-day procession (August 24th-27th) of fun and devotion, consisting of music, wine, and all the Italian sausages you can eat. Even better, this feast is fantastic for all ages, so you can bring the entire family and have the perfect day in the city together.

Fisherman’s Feast Boston

Originating over 100 years ago, the Fisherman’s Feast is the oldest Italian food festival in Boston history! The fun takes place over a course of three days, from August 15th-18th in 2024. You can expect to see live entertainment and a collection of vendors that will appeal to all tastes. This feast is orchestrated to honor Sicilian fisherman and the Madonna del Soccorso. So, as you’re chowing down on a delicious cannoli or two, think about the fisherman that carried their traditions to the United States all the way from Sicily, and how none of this would be possible without their hard work and dedication!

St. Aggripina’s Feast

One of the most popular feasts in Boston that takes place toward the end of the summer, St. Aggripina’s Feast is another 3-day food festival that blends music, food, and worship to create a long weekend of endless fun. This event usually takes place the first weekend of August and is kicked off by a ceremonial procession of Saint Agrippina. The streets are always flooded with games, beer, and huge slices of pizza. Better yet, this festival lasts well into the evening, giving you plenty of time to try all the vendors if you wish!

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