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Brick Ovens: The Best Way to Cook a Pizza

If you’ve ever tried to make a pizza at home, you’re probably aware of the challenges. There are a lot of ways to make the dough, and fresh toppings can be tough to find without paying a lot. Even with a multi-day dough and the freshest cheeses and toppings, a homemade pizza is only going to compete with your favorite local joint if you cook it in a brick oven. Not everyone has access to a brick oven, but it’s worth looking into because it’s hands down the best way to cook a pizza. 


Internal Cooking Temperature


A lot of at-home conventional ovens only max out at 500 degrees Fahrenheit. A brick oven stove is going to hit closer to 570-660 degrees. Does the difference matter? Absolutely. Brick ovens maintain temperature better as well, meaning that the cook of the pizza is going to be much more consistent. 


Crispier Toppings and Crust


The high heat of a brick oven allows for crispier crust and toppings. Nothing beats a pepperoni pizza that features a crispy, nearly brown edge to each topping. Plus, the crust can be much more enjoyable with a bit of a charred look to it. Depending on the dough, it might not turn darker, but it certainly matters that it’s in a brick oven. Even a deep dish, a traditionally lighter crust, is going to be crispier in a brick oven. The toppings and crust can make or break a pizza, and with that perfect crisp, you’ll feel like you’re doing it right every time. 


Faster Cooking Time


Because of the high heat of a brick oven, a lot of pizzas are going to only need 3 minutes or a little more for a full cook in this method. That’s a pretty amazing thing, especially if you’re hosting guests or cooking for a party. Even if it’s just you or your family, a short cook time means less waiting for food and more enjoying your amazing creation. 


Traditional cooking techniques are always going to result in a better pizza. In terms of an even, proper cook, nothing can match the precision of a brick oven. For an authentic brick-oven fresh pizza, drop by Rina’s Pizzeria in Boston’s North End!

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