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Different Pizza Styles Throughout Italy

The origin of pizza can be traced to Italy. Today, it has been embraced all over the world as a means to snacking. Pizzas are taken during recreational activities and hangouts. The consumption of pizza has been recommended as it has several health benefits. Pizzas contain high protein and vegetables, which help in bodybuilding and fighting infections. Pizzas, however, come in various types in Italy. The first point of reference is the:

Neapolitan Pizza:

Neapolitan Pizza is in the circle of the most famous Italian pizzas and is called Naples-style pizza. The pizza is made with tomatoes, fresh basil, olive oil, and mozzarella cheese. A special ingredient is that it contains more sauce than cheese. They are usually about 10-12 inches small, and when cooked at high temperatures, the crust bubbles.

Pizza Romana:

Pizza Romana is usually flat, round, and crispy, unlike Napoletana. It is made of a different technique, and this results in its rectangular shape. Also, while the Neapolitan rises at room temperature, the Romana rises at a cool 41 degrees for about 60-90 hours. 

Pizza Fritta:

This is a fried pizza dough that has various shapes and forms. It is remarkable to note that the pizza’s origin can be traced to a crisis, i.e., World War II when the prices of wood and mozzarella increased geometrically. In a bid to continually serve staple dishes, cooks in Napoli opted for the frying of the dough rather than baking. This led to the birth of the fritta pizza, known as the pizza of the people.

Pizza Siciliana:

This pizza is also referred to as silicone. Pizza Siciliana was not made with tomatoes when discovered in the 17th century. However, it is now made with tomato sauce, onions, oregano, anchovies, and hard sheep’s milk cheese. The pizza is usually covered in breadcrumbs, and this assists in absorbing oil from the ingredients. 

Pizza Alla Pala:

The pizza alla pala is spread in a lengthwise manner like the old wooden shovels used by the Roman bakers in banking bread. This pizza is cooked at 580 degrees Fahrenheit in an electric oven and is usually very hydrated, unlike Napoletana. This gives it its crunchy texture. Also, the “scrocchiarella” consistency is a result of the extra virgin olive oil. 

Margherita Pizza:

Some have averred that this pizza is the most widespread dish in the world. This would be debatable nonetheless. This pizza has a unique flavor and is made with simple ingredients. It is also effortless to transport, and this is why it is primarily sold in take-away. Some of the key ingredients of this pizza are tomatoes, cheese, and basil. It takes approximately an hour to prepare.

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