three italian cocktails

Italian Cocktails for a Warm Day

Close your eyes and picture this: It is a warm summer day on the Italian coast. You are strolling the cobblestone streets and listening to the chatter of the locals all around you. Then, you stumble upon a quaint cafe, grab a table, and order a refreshing Italian cocktail to sip in the sun. Even though you may not be in Italy, you can still enjoy these cocktails created by the Italians!

Aperol Spritz

Aperol spritz, also called Spritz Veneziano, is a popular Italian wine-based cocktail commonly served as an aperitif. It consists of prosecco, Aperol, and soda water. It is a red-tinted cocktail that originates from Venice and popular worldwide. The Aperol Spritz is similar to Campari due to its slightly bitter taste and the sense of refreshment it brings under the hot summer day. 

The Aperol Spritz is made by pouring the Aperol into a white wine glass, lowball, or highball glass, add ice, Prosecco, and soda water and garnish with a slice of orange.


Bellini originated from Veneto, a region in northern Italy. Bellini was invented in Venice, Italy. It soon became popular among celebrities in Venice before making its way to New York. The Bellini cocktail is sparkling Italian cocktails made with two simple ingredients: Prosecco and peach purée. Bellini is refreshing, with more body than your average cocktail. It is increasingly popular because it is easy to make and perfect for brunch.

You can make this delicacy by chilling a glass flute and just pouring the puree into it, and it is ready to be severed.


Limoncello originates from Capri and is Italy’s second most popular liqueur. It is made from lemons, specifically from Capri and Sorrento. Locals enjoy limoncello most often between May and mid-September. Thus, the limoncello cocktail is perfect for warm sunny days. The cocktail is sharp, juicy, refreshing, and made with four simple ingredients: organic lemons, sugar, vodka, and water. 

The process of making limoncello is quite long. Therefore, the cocktail is best served when very chilled. It requires a minimum of 80 days to ferment. However, it is suitable for consumption even after the fourth day. Its delicious and refreshing taste justifies the wait.


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