Italian Dishes for Warmer Weather

As seasons change, the culinary landscape does as well. Now, as we move further into spring, you can see people enjoying food in ways that they might not have done in the winter or fall, to give an example. Undoubtedly, with the warmer weather of spring now upon us, many will indulge in food-related festivities that are true to the season – including the likes of picnics, cookouts, or just simply enjoying food outdoors. Given that the spring season evokes feelings of renewal and warmth, many dishes of the season aim to reflect this. When it comes to Italian food, our specialty here at Rina’s Pizzeria, we would argue that there are plenty of dishes to welcome the warmer weather!

Spring Peas with Onions, Pancetta, and/or Prosciutto

Hence the name, spring peas are most fresh during the spring season, with many agreeing the month of April to be the apex. Though spring peas can certainly be enjoyed on their own, many dishes call for the addition of pancetta, onions, and even prosciutto to add more taste, flavor, and elegance to it. Preparing this type of dish couldn’t be easier, as cooking spring peas takes minimal time, as does preparing the likes of onions, prosciutto, or whatever else you decide to add to your dish. For a simple and quick springtime meal, you simply can’t go wrong here.

Pasta or Pizza with Artichokes

Also discussed in our previous blog, artichokes are another natural food that comes alive with freshness in the spring season. Though they aren’t often seen as a solid, standalone food item, they make for an excellent ingredient to add to dishes such as pizza and pasta. Artichokes are relatively mild in taste and flavor, but they are definitely unique and have earned their right as a staple of many Italian-inspired dishes. We do admit that artichokes take a fair amount of preparation, most notably cleaning them, but once you’ve done that, you can truly use your imagination to bring them to life in your dish.

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