Italian-Inspired Drinks to Enjoy with Pizza

Like salt with pepper – or bread with better – some things truly go better together, and this is certainly the case when it comes to food and drink. In fact, we would argue that no meal is complete without the presence of some sort of drink, to both quench your thirst and chase your food.

Here at Rina’s Pizzeria, we pride ourselves on serving delicious and savory Italian food to our customers – most notably pizza. In today’s blog, we’ll be taking a look at what we believe to be the best drinks to enjoy with pizza. If that sounds interesting, keep reading below for more information!

Wine (Red or White)

You may have seen this coming, but that is because wine is one the best – if not the best – drinks to pair with Italian-inspired food. Not only is wine featured in Italian cooking in and of itself, but it is widely enjoyed by both Italians as their drink of choice with a meal. This is also the case for pizza – a staple dish of Italian cooking – as both Italians and the world alike enjoy their pizza alongside a proper serving of wine. Wine can mesh exceptionally well with the flavors and ingredients of pizza; while pizza is often savory and salty, wine can be sweet and fruity, creating a unique, yet truly satisfying fusion between the two. While many prefer red wine with pizza as it is usually thick-bodied and robust, white wine (or any other type of wine) can be enjoyed just the same.

Sparkling Water

Italian cooking has a tendency to be simple in concept, yet oftentimes satisfying and delicious. We would argue that this manifests in another great drink to enjoy with pizza – sparkling water. Sparkling water is far from exuberant in its taste or aroma, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t refreshing, especially when enjoying pizza. For generations, Italy has been a heavyweight in the sparkling water industry, offering iconic products such as San Pelligrino and Uliveto – the former of which is a staple at Italian eateries across the globe. The next time you’re enjoying pizza, why not wash it down with Italian sparkling water?

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