Neapolitan Pizza Pie

Pizza Around The World

Millions of food lovers around the world will agree that pizza is one of their favorite dishes. Although pizza originated in Naples, Italy, it has since become a staple in most cultures across the globe. Many countries and states have created their own unique way of making this delicious food. Explore some of the famous variations of pizza that we’ve all come to know and love!

Pizza in Naples, Italy 

It only makes sense to begin with the pie that started it all, the Neapolitan margarita pizza from Naples, Italy. This is a simple recipe made with dough topped with tomato sauce, Buffalo mozzarella, basil, and garlic. The pizza is baked in a wood fire oven at extremely high temperatures for a little over a minute and a half. We can thank the Italians for this one!

Chicago Deep-Dish 

This variation of pizza is one of the most famous in all of America. Deep-dish style pizza is a little more challenging to eat as finger food because of the fluffy crust. A deep pan is used for cooking the thick crust that is then topped with tomato sauce. Chicago deep-dish looks more like a quiche or pie than a traditional pizza. You may even need a knife and fork!

New York Style 

New York has claimed the pizza capital of the USA. If you love a good slice of greasy pizza, New York is the place to go! The style of pizza is usually plain cheese or pepperoni pizza with a thin crispy crust. Grab a slice of this delicious pie and stroll the streets of New York City!

Zapienkana Bread from Poland 

The Polish have created their own form of pizza different from all others. A baguette-style bread is used as the crust and topped with cheese mushrooms and ketchup. If you are a pizza lover, you need to add this Polish pie to your list!

Rome’s Version of Pizza

Rome has created their own style of pizza that is popular with the locals throughout the city. Pizza Bianca is Rome’s version of street food. It is a pizza dough sprinkled with salt and usually does not incorporate sauce or cheese, like typical pizza. You will often find fresh herbs or seasonings as another topping.  

Pizza from Rina’s Pizzeria 

Here at Rina’s in The North End, we are proud to represent the traditional Italian pizza. Our Neapolitan pizzas are cooked to perfection in a wood-fired oven and served hot. Come into our store in Boston to enjoy our favorite style of pizza!

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