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Pizza Toppings for a Winter Night In

Everyone knows the best meal during a snowy or cold winter night is a warm, home-made pizza to share with the entire family. Whether you are using frozen crust or creating your own dough, throw the pizza into the oven or onto the grill for a meal everyone will love. Cozy up with these delicious topping additions to try with your pizza this winter season.  

Butternut Squash and Brussels Sprouts 

I bet you never thought of combining these two veggies together on a pizza. However, this unique combo will not only have your taste buds excited but also make for a beautifully colored pizza. The sweet flavor of the squash combined with crispy Brussels sprouts creates a mouth-watering pie perfect for a winter night. Slice your Brussels sprouts thin, dice the squash into small cubes, and layer over an olive oil and parmesan base. 

Sausage and Apple

The sweet crunch of warm apples with a smokey sausage topping creates an irresistible sweet and savory flavor. Start by layering the pizza dough with your sauce of choice, add a heavy layer of cheddar cheese, slice apples thinly, and crumble sausage over the top. Each bite comes with stringy, warm cheese, and a touch of sweetness! 

Chicken BBQ

Chicken BBQ pizza is always a favorite for a cozy night in. Give this style of pizza a twist by adding a topping of sweet caramelized onions for even more flavor. Chop up the pre-cooked chicken of your choice, add your favorite type of cheese, and drizzle the top with rich barbeque sauce. For the meat-lovers out there, sprinkle smokey bacon as a finishing touch to make the pizza extra special. 

Spice up your pizza nights by adding unique flavors together to create exciting new meals for you and your family. If you don’t feel like cooking, visit us at Rina’s Pizzeria in North End to grab a delicious slide or build your own pizza! We even offer our full menu on the delivery services, DoorDash, GrubHub, or Uber Eats to get it delivered right to your door. Contact us for more information on our menu. 


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