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Family making pizza for dinner

Pizzas To Make & Enjoy During Quarantine

Many of you have been practicing extreme social distancing as the specter of an invisible threat looms outside. Because of the coronavirus, no one can go to to bars or restaurants, and you can’t host any dinners for friends, and the trips outside have become short, anxiety-riddled affairs devoid of any human contact. The self-care substitutes people are left with are a fridge full of food ― thanks to an ill-advised fit of panic shopping ― and social media, the only place to unload emotional baggage onto my peers now that a global crisis has interrupted your dinner party plans. Pizza just might be able to get you through it! 




There are so many different kinds of pepperoni in the store these days, and you can use any of those options for pizza. Pile on a ton of pepperoni, or sprinkle a few.



Tomato sauce, 

Shredded cheese





Keep it rigorously authentic Neapolitan-style pizza. The name of this pizza– translates as “capricious”–can be found throughout pizzerias in Italy, and now you can get it on your couch during quarantine. 



Tomato sauce 






Fresh mozzarella




Any night is a great night for pizza especially when sausages and fresh-cut chips are involved. Take wonderfully spiced Italian sausage, and combine them with fresh mozzarella all on a beautiful tomato sauce smothered on a homemade crispy crust. The result, spectacular!



Sweet sausage 

Fresh mozzarella


Fresh-cut chips


Opting to make yourself a pizza experimenting and innovating when some people don’t have the guts, choosing to be lazy and order a delicious pizza from Rina’s. We are here for you during this pandemic. Nothing feels better than comfort food. It’s been challenging to find a balance but you got this. 

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