Saint Anthony’s Feast 2022

An Italian-American tradition of over a hundred years, Saint Anthony’s Feast is set to take place this August 25th to the 28th, for a weekend of eating, drinking, entertainment, and all manner of celebration. First organized in 1919, the Feast celebrates the legacy of Anthony of Padula, an important figure in Catholicism, who was born in Portugal but spent the twilight of his life in Italy. He is commemorated as the patron saint of lost things, as he has been involved in a number of miracles involving lost people and items.

Saint Anthony’s legacy continues to be strong thanks to the yearly event, which fills the North End with all sorts of happenings like live performances and open-air marketplaces. For those who are looking to spend the perfect summer day – or weekend – in the city of Boston, come on down for Saint Anthony’s Feast! To fully experience the Feast, it’s ideal to come on an empty stomach, as you will find essentially any Italian dish that you can think of: pizza, pasta, rice balls, gelato, and more! Vendors will line the streets with delicious, succulent Italian-inspired cooking that is sure to please any visitor.

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