The Best Pizza Toppings for the Fall Season

Having served quality pizza to Boston’s North End neighborhood for years, we at Rina’s Pizzeria & Cafe are all about pizza. When we aren’t preparing our fresh pizza in-house to serve to our guests, we’re almost always talking about it here on our blog. Now, as the fall season starts to set in, we figured we’d discuss a topic in today’s blog that relates both to fall and pizza: the best pizza toppings to enjoy during the fall season! Keep reading below for more, or stop into our pizzeria & cafe for delicious pizza, paninis, calzones, salads, and more! We are located at 371 Hanover Street in Boston’s North End neighborhood. Give us a call at 617.456.5700 with any questions!


Truffle can be found in a variety of different foods in Italian cuisine, including pasta, risotto, and of course, pizza. Popular both in Italy and here in America, truffles often enjoy their peak freshness during the fall. As for the taste of truffle, there are truly few flavors out there that are as distinct and robust. When placed on pizza, we would argue that magic happens. Consider incorporating truffle into your next pizza meal this fall!


Mushrooms are another staple pizza topping that typically reach peak freshness during the fall. An excellent choice for many savory dishes throughout Italian cuisine, (ex. Chicken Marsala) mushrooms are a no brainer when it comes to pizza toppings. Consider pairing them with sausage and other Italian-inspired meats on your pizza.


Unlike the previous two toppings, figs are a great choice when you want to give a sweeter edge to your pizza. Consider pairing it as a topping with prosciutto, which creates an irresistible sweet-versus-savory fusion. Figs are a terrific and unique option that you won’t regret putting on your pizza.


Artichokes are another option that pair fabulously with savory foods like pizza. Fortunately, they usually will reach their peak freshness during the fall months.

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