The Best Vegetarian Pizzas

Everyone loves pizza. This disc of dough is an incredible blank canvas to create innovative and crowd-pleasing pies. Loved by vegetarians, vegans, and carnivores alike, pizza isn’t just a quick dinner dish anymore, or an on-the-go bite. Pizza is becoming a gourmet assemblage of delicious, top-of-the-line ingredients. A pizza night at home is known to be relaxing, it is one of the top comfort foods, but it can become unhealthy when you do it regularly, which is where vegetarian pizza comes in. Although we aim to as eat many servings of veggies as possible, that often falls to the wayside when we opt for pizza. But what if you could eat the Italian dish more often and it could be healthy-ish? You won’t ever miss the meat lovers’ special.




A minimalist type of pie with cherry tomatoes, parmesan, basil, eggplant, zucchini, olives, and fresh mozzarella. A concentrated sweet and savory kick that is hard to resist. Packed with some of the best flavors.


Garlic Flatbread

When you throw on rosemary, parmesan, garlic on flatbread. Throwing a few ingredients over a piece of bread, well.. You can’t go wrong with that. Savory parmesan and rosemary is nothing short of superb. Classic Italian flavors that don’t need any adjusting.



The classics, it’s kind of perfect. No oddball ingredients here. The classics require mandatory ingredients of tomato sauce, basil, parmesan, and fresh mozzarella.


Don’t become too selective when it comes to choosing pizza. Broaden your horizons. Challenge your palette. While you’ve always been eating something you find pleasurable, tune in to when your tastebuds get bored and change up your pizza routine with vegetarian pizza.


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