The Most Popular Pizza Toppings in America

Pizza is a food that is widely loved for a number of reasons. Generally speaking, it’s tasty, easy to eat, and, most importantly in the case of this blog, customizable. In fact, not every pizza is created equal – some come plain, and some come with scores of toppings. Indeed, there is a world of toppings out there that you can put on pizza, and in today’s blog, we’ll be taking a look at the most popular pizza toppings here in America! If that sounds interesting, keep reading below for more information!


You probably could’ve seen this one coming. Given that pizza is an Italian invention, it makes sense that its most popular topping is another product of Italian cuisine – and who can blame those who enjoy a pepperoni pizza? Thinly sliced pepperoni not only adds some savoriness and flavor to pizza but also provides a distinct, crunchy texture – it’s as if the two were meant to be together! If you want to take your pizza just a step above being plain, pepperoni is a simple, yet effective topping that will make for a truly satisfying pizza.

Is it at Rina’s?: Yes, we offer pepperoni as a topping for any build-your-own pizza.


To continue the trend of Italian meats as toppings, sausage has been a longstanding favorite amongst pizza eaters in America and the world alike. Typically more thick than pepperoni, sausage on pizza tends to be juicy, savory, and in some cases, spicy. For lovers of meat, you’ll definitely want to include sausage (and possibly pepperoni as well) in your next pizza pie. Our mouths are watering just thinking about it!

Is it at Rina’s?: Yes, we offer sausage as a topping for any build-your-own pizza.


Olives are a staple of Italian and other Mediterranean cuisines, and this is due to the fact that they are equally enjoyable on their own or in a dish! When it comes to the latter, this is no exception for pizza, as olives, both green and black, have found their way onto countless pizzas throughout the country and world. Thanks to their unique and salty, yet delicious taste, olives can give a flavorful boost to any pizza in need. We would suggest black olives as the best choice for any pizza!

Is it at Rina’s?: Yes, we offer olives as a topping for any build-your-own pizza.

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