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Tips To Avoid Overeating During Quarantine

Over the next few months, some of us all of us in quarantine as a result of the coronavirus. Unfortunately, being cooped up in your home for weeks may force you to develop cravings for your favorite cheat meals a bit more than you’d like.


Let’s turn the clock back a bit. Remember the good old days of being a kid sneaking into the cookie jar when your mom wasn’t looking and keep digging your hand in for as long as you could before you heard her walking in your direction? As we are all inside everyone is bound to make some common errors of overeating. We are here to help fix them, especially now that we may find ourselves tempted to overeat as we stay at home more often to ride out the coronavirus.

Avoid Eating Out of The Packaging

Have you ever grabbed a bag of chips, popcorn, or your fresh unopened pizza box from Rina’s to and sit down on the couch to watch a little television at night. Sure, you have the excitement to finally eat your pizza, who needs a plate? When its all over do you ever feel shocked by how much you ate without realizing it. You’re not alone. The last thing you want to do is eat directly out of any packaging. You’ll lose count, stop paying attention, get distracted, and that food will become either a comfort food for you or something you pick at to break up the boredom you may be facing. The best way to solve this issue is to portion out how much you want to eat in a bowl or on a plate and then go put the package back in the refrigerator or pantry.

Stop Telling Yourself You’ll Get Back On Your Diet Tomorrow

You know you’ve said it.  What ends up happening if you make this excuse, you’re planning on binging on all the foods you are craving. What would normally be a “cheat meal” ends up being an entire cheat day. If you’re truly committed to a regular plan and moving towards a quarantine weight loss goal. A cheat meal once a week is a good strategy so long as it isn’t overboard, but thinking you can eat whatever you want and then jump right back on the horse tomorrow is rarely ever the case. Most people end up feeling defeated following a bad binge and they throw their hands up in the air like a white flag in defeat. Don’t let that happen to you. Your Rina’s pizza will be there for you the next day.


Please Don’t Eat The Entire Meal When You Really Don’t Have Too


At Rina’s we aren’t the fun police telling you to put the fork down. It’s nice to get on Grubhub and enjoy a dinner with your spouse from time to time. The downfall of that comes in the form of overeating wherever you go. The temptation of all of  panini’s, insalata’s and house specialties are enough to send you into carb overload. Don’t let our portions scare you! There’s a simple fix for this, though, which will prevent you from overeating. That fix? Tupperware!


Order Takeout with Ease!

As we miss you, we are here to still bring a Rina’s pizza to your doors! Order pizza tonight! Your whole family will thank you!

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