What Cheese is Best For Pizza?

Throughout its history, pizza has undergone all kinds of changes, interpretations, and variations. To provide an example of this, pizza can be rectangular or circular in shape, and it can be cooked in a conventional, conventional, or wood-fired oven. This is also not to mention the many regional interpretations of pizza, from New York-style and Neapolitan to Roman and Chicago deep dish. However, despite all of the ways pizza can be prepared, it is universally agreed upon that pizza must have one thing: cheese. In today’s blog article, we’ll be taking a look at what cheeses go best with pizza, ranging from popular options to lesser-known ones. Keep reading below for more information!


Mozzarella cheese is the best cheese to use for pizza, and you’ll find no argument on the contrary. Ever since the earliest recipes of pizza were assembled (notably Margherita pizza and other Neapolitan creations), mozzarella cheese has been the go-to choice for pizza for its delicateness, stretchiness, and pleasant taste. Mozzarella has a high content of water, and when heated, it creates that gooey texture we all know and love. Traditional pizzas tend to feature mozzarella balls, while many modern and American pizzas will use shredded mozzarella.


Provolone is another common cheese that is used to top pizza. It has a distinct and smoky flavor that is more pronounced than mozzarella’s neutral milky flavor without being too strong or overbearing. Its taste goes particularly well with the tanginess of tomatoes, making it an excellent candidate for pizza. Provolone is typically cut into circular shapes, making it a great choice for pizzas that are of a similar shape (New York, Neapolitan, etc.)


Ricotta cheese is popular and widely used in Italian cooking for its lightweight and creamy texture. Though its taste is rather mild, it is an incredibly unique cheese and a great addition to pizza. Dollops of ricotta can be added to virtually any kind of pizza – consider adding other savory toppings like cured meats such as sausage and vegetables such as spinach, onions, or even kale.

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