Where Can I Get The Best Pizza In The North End?

Searching for the perfect slice? Pizza is a hot topic in the Northeast. Some people claim that our pizza isn’t up to standards. We Bostonians should be downright boastful about our pie scene. Competition is steep between New York City and Boston alone, and that doesn’t even include the college towns along the way. What better way to taste some of the most buzzed-about, fussed-over, vehemently debated pizza than a trip to Rina’s in The North End?  Our pizza takes a knee––and a slice––at all other pies in the area. 


There is no disputing the multitude of memorable slices you’ll end up having at Rina’s. But where to get the best pizza within a hungry, lazy stroll from your home? To answer that question, Rina’s Pizzeria in the North End.  Rina’s is conveniently located in the heart of the North End at 371  Hanover Street next to Strega. Our oven is built from traditional Neapolitan style with bricks from Italy which means a sturdy yet airy crust that still maintains plenty of crisp. The chewy-yet-crackly crusts serve as a base to wonderful topping combos. Authentic Neapolitan pies are few and far between, which makes these flash-baked beauts all the more desirable.



As stay-at-home orders enter their 70th year, you might notice that it’s not even the broader concept of travel you’re missing, but the little things. The warm weather has you missing your trips out to the city and walking the semi-crowded streets of The North End. As much as we all miss normality we can still have pizza! Thank God for that!


What’s On The Menu?



It’s cheesy! It’s easy! Sticking to the classics of shredded cheese and tomato sauce.


This pizza is glorious! You’ll remember every last bite!  A pizza Margherita adorned simply in the colors of the Italian flag: green from basil, white from mozzarella, red from the tomato sauce. The ingredients offer tomato sauce, basil, parmesan, and fresh mozzarella. Sometimes the simplest ingredients, combined in the simplest of ways, have the power to stop time, erase your woes, and transport you to a place of nirvana-like bliss. Such is the power of the Margherita pizza. 


Garlic Flatbread

Whether you need an easy snack for a wine night with friends on Zoom or a family-friendly Friday night dinner, this Garlic flatbread is the answer. Rosemary, parmesan,  and garlic is a crowd-pleaser for all ages, no matter the mood or night.


We are here for you during this pandemic. Nothing feels better than comfort food. It’s been challenging to find a balance but you got this. Order yourself a slice or pie with us today!

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